Paw-mazing Pets: These Dogs Are Way Better At Sports Than Most Of Us [VIDEOS]

Jack Russell Terrier dog playing basketball

(Picture Credit: alexei_tm/Getty Images)

Most of us humans are better at watching sports than playing them. But the dogs in the videos below aren’t much good at waiting around on the sidelines.

They’re too excited to get in on the action, paws first. Look out, Air Bud!

Here are a few canines who are way better at sports than most humans.

Jumpy The Skateboarding Dog

Jumpy is a smart dog, but he’s also quite the athlete. He looks like he’s having the time of his life on his skateboard and seems right at home in the skate park.

Jumpy can steer, ride up and down ramps, and handle jumps. The last time I stepped on a skateboard I fell on my back, so it’s safe to say Jumpy is a better skateboarder than me.

Even if he slips off his board, he’s in a hurry to jump back on and keep riding.

Petey The Volleyball Dog

Petey can keep a volley going with his human for a lot longer than most of us. He bops the ball with his nose, passing it like a professional. He’s able to smartly position himself right under it, keeping his human in his sights, and bump it back with a surprising level of accuracy.

I don’t know much about the Olympics, but if movies have taught me anything, there’s probably nothing in the rule book that says dogs can’t play. Why would movies lie about that?

Petey’s got a good chance of making it on the team if you ask me.

Purin The Goalkeeper Dog

Purin the Beagle is looking super cute in her soccer uniform. And she’s a great goalkeeper, too.

She blocks tiny soccer balls left and right, and even catches most of them with her paws! And unlike most goalkeepers, she bravely does it without gloves.

Purin even helps clean up after the game, picking up balls and putting them away in their basket. She may not be moving up with the pros, but she’s the cutest soccer player ever.

Halo The Pool Shark Dog

Halo can’t hold a pool cue, seeing as he doesn’t have thumbs. But he’s got some pretty good aim.

He pushes the cue ball along with his paw and pulls off some nice shots. In fact, we’re willing to bet Halo’s understanding of physics and geometry are on par with a lot of humans’ abilities. He can even put backspin on his shot to make sure the cue ball doesn’t go into the pocket!

Don’t bet against him, or you might get hustled by a pooch.

Murphy The Dunking Dog

Murphy started learning to play basketball by putting away her toys. Eventually, with positive reinforcement, she moved on to slam dunks, Michael Jordan style.

Murphy’s got some hops as she takes her ball to the hoop and drives it home. She’s even got the post-dunk celebration down, going up for the high-five with her human.

Murphy might not be good at dribbling, but she definitely wins all the “aww” points in the slam dunk contest.

Hanzo The Surfer Dude Dog

Did you know that dog surfing is a real thing? Dog surfing competitions actually exist. And Hanzo the Boxer is thrilled to be a part of them.

It’s hard to keep him off his board when he sees it floating in the waves. He looks very cute in his life jacket — even dogs know it’s safety first — and he’s got a big doggy smile on his face when he’s riding along the tides.

When he falls off, he paddles along and hops right back on, ready for action. Surf’s up, Hanzo!

Does your pup play sports better than you? What’s their game of choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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