Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows? Are Marshmallows Safe For Dogs?

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Can dogs eat marshmallows? You may be asking this because your dog accidentally ate a marshmallow you dropped on the floor, or maybe you want to share a sweet snack with your pooch. Humans can eat marshmallows, so are they also safe for dogs?

The short answer is no, dogs cannot eat marshmallows. If your dog eats one regular sugar marshmallow, they should be fine, but too much sugar can be harmful to your dog’s health. Some marshmallows also contain sweeteners that can be lethal for dogs if ingested.

Here’s what you should know about the potential dangers of feeding your dog marshmallows.

Why Are Marshmallows Bad For Dogs?

The ingredients in plain, run-of-the-mill marshmallows include sugar, water, and gelatin. In general, vets recommend to stay away from sugary treats, as dogs’ systems are incredibly sensitive to sugar.

Sugar wreaks havoc on dogs’ teeth and can lead to diabetes and obesity in dogs.

Standard marshmallows are predominantly sugar, and fat-free or sugar-free marshmallows often contain the sweetener xylitol, which is extremely toxic to dogs. Even a small amount of xylitol can cause liver failure, seizures, hypoglycemia, or even death in dogs.

Xylitol is even more deadly to dogs than theobromine, the chemical in chocolate that is toxic to dogs.

Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of xylitol consumption appear as numerous issues, like indigestion, lethargy, jaundice, or trembling and shaking.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Marshmallows?

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If you know for certain your dog ate marshmallows that contain xylitol, even if it was just one, contact your vet immediately.

Depending on the amount of marshmallows and how long it’s been since your dog ingested them, your vet may have you bring in your dog to induce vomiting.

If your vet is unavailable, call the Pet Poison Helpline at (855) 764-7661 for assistance. Depending on the symptoms, they may recommend that you take your dog to an emergency vet.

If your dog ate sugar marshmallows, you should still check in with your vet about your dog’s well-being. If your dog got one mini sugar marshmallow off the ground that fell while you are baking, they should be okay. But if they ate anything more than, then you should call your vet.

Make sure you keep all human treats, especially sugary ones like marshmallows, up and away from your dog. If you tend to drop food, avoid marshmallows and any other food with xylitol when your dog is near.

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Has your dog ever accidentally eaten marshmallows? Which safer doggy desserts do you share with your pup? Let us know in the comments below!

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