6 Funny Dogs Who Don’t Wanna Take Baths [VIDEOS]

Dog Bath

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If there’s one thing that most dogs universally dislike, it might be a nice bath. Okay, maybe not all dogs hate it, but a good majority of them would be perfectly content to not have one ever again. But we, as pet parents, know better for them.

Though the healthy frequency of bathing really depends on our dogs’ breeds and coats, it’s important for our pups to usually have a bath at least a once a month in order to keep their skin healthy and free of parasites, among other things.

Still, it can be quite a chore to even get them in the bathtub in the first place, as the dogs below prove. Here are seven funny dogs who don’t wanna take a bath and would prefer to just stay stinky.

1. Great Dane Won’t Budge For Bath

It’s hard enough trying to get any dog to the bathtub, but it’s quite a Herculean task when you have to move a Great Dane.

In the clip above, we find a beautiful Great Dane lying next to the door hoping someone will come save him from an upcoming bath. Eventually his dad comes into frame and does his best to carry his pooch all way to the bathroom.

It’s a funny showing of how the biggest dogs can be the biggest babies sometimes.

2. Boxer Refuses Bath Time

Even the most obedient dogs can find it hard to follow commands when they know a bath is coming.

Here we find a cute Boxer who lies right at the threshold of the bathroom entrance. His dad, sitting by the tub, calls out to him while drawing a bath. You can tell this pup wants to come to his dad, but he refuses to obey, as he knows the reason why he’s being called.

In the end, this Boxer gets close enough for his dad to be able to carry him into the bathtub.

3. Chow Chow Will Not Go Willingly

This Chow Chow would rather play dead than go get his bath. As his mom gently grabs him by the paws, he suddenly drops his hind legs and tries to lie on the ground.

His mom softly drags him until they get to the entrance of the bathroom. She lets go, and he uses this chance to run away. She chases him, catching and dragging him back to the bathroom.

It’s the cutest Chow Chow you’ll see trying to get away from a bath.

4. Dog Will Only Follow Mom

Here’s another Great Dane who doesn’t want to take a bath.

From the get-go, we witness this big pooch’s mom trying to get him in the tub. He wrestles mightily against mama, trying to escape her clutches and get out of the bathroom. She tries her best to help him into the tub without hurting him.

He escapes momentarily, so mom tries a different approach. She gets in the tub to show him it’s okay. Eventually he follows mom into the tub, and her new strategy works!

Whew! I’m sweating just watching this funny video of mom getting her pup into the tub!

5. Husky Argues With Mom About Bath Time

Huskies are notorious for being temperamental and throwing tantrums. They love to tell their parents what’s on their minds, and that’s the case for this beautiful Husky.

For almost two minutes of the clip, the pup is not afraid to tell mom “no” to bath time. Even when mom continues to be stern, the Husky rolls on the ground and throws a tantrum.

Towards the end, the pup follows her close enough to the bathroom, only to run away again.

6. Malamute Still Mad After Getting A Bath

No matter how much our beloved dogs defy us when it comes to baths, they eventually get washed. But that doesn’t mean they have to be happy about it.

Take this Malamute for instance. Not a big fan of bath time, he eventually had to take one anyway, courtesy of his mom. But even after the bath, he was still mad!

In the clip, we watch as he sits there and groans at mama for having to get cleaned. He even refuses to look at her from time to time and shows how he really feels about bath time.

I know bud; it might not be your favorite thing to do, but it’s for your benefit and health!

Does your dog like taking a bath? Do you have any funny stories of them trying to escape bath time? Let us know in the comments below!

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