The Best Cute Cat Toys to Keep You and Your Kitty Happy

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Cat toys provide necessary enrichment and exercise for your cats. But just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t be cute! These toys are going to reside in your home, so you might as well choose one that’s aesthetically pleasing, right? Luckily, the pet product market is full of cute cat toys that are as much fun to look at as they are fun to play with. No reason for you to put up with a rug covered in chewed-up fake-fur mice!

Our search for the cutest in kitty entertainment reminded us that 75 percent of cats who “just say no” to catnip may get excited by a completely different herb: silvervine, a relative of the kiwifruit plant. So we’ve included few appealing toys stuffed with an irresistible catnip/silvervine blend.

If your cat is not into catnip scatter toys, not to worry. We found an incredibly cute scratcher, plus two tunnels, a dangle toy, a wand toy, and an interactive puzzle toy. All cute, we promise.

Our Picks for the Ultimate Cute Cat Toys

These are our picks for the best cute cat toys to entertain you and your kitties. Let the fun begin!

Scratch on top, hide inside—this big box has your cat’s recreation covered. Plus it’s a delightful conversation-starter in your living room. (And also a great place to store cat toys.) It’s a manageable size, too, at 12 x 12 x 24 inches and a mere 4.63 pounds.

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tunnel toy

We were kinda dubious about those big nylon tunnels in garish colors—but then we found this cool Pirates’ Cannon, complete with wheels and feather toy. It’s compact and cute, and your kitties will enjoy hiding their treasures in the plush interior. When it’s time to set sail, the wheels come off and the cannon itself folds up.

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fishbone toy

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian design, check out this subtle, minimalist linen-covered toy from Royal Grocery. It looks low-key, but it’s stuffed with polyester and enough catnip to drive your discerning kitty wild!

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Frisco bouncy toy

This adorable interactive toy has a ring that slips over your finger, giving you control of a sweet mouse puppet that bobs up and down at the end of a bungee cord. The different textures of the toy make it extra-fun for your cat to catch, and the cute mouse is fun, too.

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This cute little beaver is a huge hit in my household. The secret: it’s refillable, so you can add fresh catnip! Catnip goes stale after a while, so refillable toys are a smart pick. Does the whole toy need a refresh after being nibbled by kitty? Just remove the catnip and toss in the washer!

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sushi toy

These plush pieces of sushi will drive your kitty wild. The set includes ebi, maguro, and oshinko sushi, and, of course, some wasabi to spice it all up.

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pizza toy

If your cat’s not the sushi type, perhaps pizza will do? This slice of “pepurroni” is purely vegetarian—stuffed with catnip plus dried silvervine (a species of kiwifruit) that may attract cats who don’t respond to catnip.

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If pizza’s not your kitty’s style, a burger and fries might do the trick! These tiny fast foods are, soft, stuffed with catnip, and have sweet little faces for your cat to attack.

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It’s pink, it’s fluffy, it’s cute as heck, and your cat will love to chase it around! the toy makes a crinkle sound that is sure to tempt your kitty. (Note that the toy itself is random—you may get a flamingo, a butterfly or a bluebird. Such is life!)
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Tower track toys are awesome because they stimulate cats’ senses with sound, movement, and appearance. Plus, they encourage solo play, which can give worn-out cat people like you a break! This adorable version comes in several bright, cheery colors. 

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kitty playing with cardboard box cat puzzle toy with holes

Tired of plastic and plush? This recyclable cardboard box with inner chambers and holes encourages your kitty’s natural instincts to explore, scratch, sniff, and hunt. Just fill it with your cat’s favorite treats and toys, and watch them spend hours exploring it. Bonus: the puzzle has three difficulty levels to challenge your cat as their skills improve.

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We love the natural element of this subtle, faux fur log that gives your cat a tunnel to adventure. The attached tiny beaver and giant butterfly are both stuffed with tantalizing catnip and the log has an inner lining of crinkle material that is perfect for kneading.

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