Birthday Pups Are Being Spoiled With “Barkuterie” Boards


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, charcuterie boards were trending. With so much extra time at home, what better way to spend the day than creating an aesthetically pleasing plate of food? But now, “barkuterie” boards are the new trend.

Barkuterie boards are adorable treat arrangements for dogs, making the perfect gifts for birthdays. Of course, the appearance is more for the humans, but your dog won’t complain about having extra treats. And one thing’s for sure: they make the cutest photo props!

Barkuterie boards
Image: @barkuterieboards/Instagram

What Goes Into a Barkuterie Board?

Dogs deserve more than just a single treat on their special day. Or on any day, for that matter! You don’t need a reason to spoil your dog, as long as you’re considerate about what treats you choose and how many you give them.

Happy birthday barkuterie board
Image: @paw_n_bites/Instagram

Some barkuterie boards are vibrant and full of icing-covered dog treats. Others are simpler, including healthy items like fruits and vegetables. Some even have toys and other decorations to pull it all together.

Miniature schnauzers barkuterie board
Image: @direwolvesofig/Instagram

The most important aspect is that you only include dog-friendly treats. Get familiar with human foods that are dangerous for dogs to ensure that you avoid them. Most dogs will eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths, so it’s important for you to decide what they can and can’t have.

Dog special treat display
Image: @threedogbakeryplaza/Instagram

The Cutest Birthday Gifts

Many dog parents have turned to Instagram to share their adorable creations. Some of these boards look almost like works of art. It’s sad to think that they’ll be devoured shortly after.

Dog birthday surprise
Image: @danvillecheese/Instagram

Dogs might not appreciate all the work that goes into making the perfect barkuterie board, but they’ll still be thrilled to receive one. After all, treats in any form are still treats, and therefore they’re exciting. Just look at the overjoyed faces of the dogs in some of these photos!

Husky excited about treats
Image: @dogcuterieboards/Instagram

It might be tempting to create an edible masterpiece for your dog as often as possible, but these shouldn’t be everyday gifts. In fact, you probably won’t want your furry friend to eat it all in one sitting. So, be mindful of how often you give barkuterie boards to your dog, especially if the treats aren’t the healthiest.

Dog healthy barkuterie board
Image: @finleysfavoritethings/Instagram

Things might be returning to normal, but that doesn’t mean you need to ditch your quarantine hobbies. If you’re looking for the perfect way to treat your dog, try gifting them a barkuterie board. You can create your own or buy a pre-made one. Either way, your furry friend will appreciate it.

Pit Bull barkuterie board
Image: @the.boardbabe/Instagram

Featured Image: @danvillecheese/Instagram

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