Lab Abandoned In Desert Is One Of Many Unlucky Pandemic Pups


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, dog adoptions increased. Many shelters were emptied due to so many people working from home. But now that many families are returning to their regular jobs, the pandemic pups are suffering.

Colby the two-year-old Labrador Retriever is one of the many dogs left behind as restrictions are lifted. And while some families do the responsible thing by taking their dog to a rescue or shelter, Colby’s family did not. They left him alone in a desert, forced to fend for himself.

Lab abandoned in desert
Image: @SouthwestOasisLabRescue/Facebook

From Family Member To All Alone

When Colby was adopted amid the pandemic, he thought life would be great. But then, he was abandoned in an Arizona desert with no collar and no microchip. Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue found the poor pup and took him in. They tried everything they could think of to locate his humans, but it became clear that he was intentionally abandoned.

Colby suffers from severe anxiety, likely due to being abandoned. The rescue says he’s very sweet and friendly, but his nervous attitude might make finding a home harder for him.

Lab playing fetch in pool
Image: @SouthwestOasisLabRescue/Facebook

The pup is currently in a foster home, but won’t be ready for adoption for at least a month. The rescue wants to find a way to soothe his anxiety first. And most importantly, they want to teach dog lovers that Colby’s situation is not the right way to give up a pet.

Dogs are a Lifetime Commitment

After a year of increased adoptions, many rescues have seen fewer applicants and more dogs surrendered. The Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue says that Colby is just one of the many dogs returned or surrendered lately. People likely realize that they no longer have as much free time, and sadly, the dogs are the ones that get hurt because of it.

Labrador Retriever head tilt
Image: @SouthwestOasisLabRescue/Facebook

“Right now due to the COVID is what we are seeing, the labs and lab mixes are being dumped faster than the shelters can take them in,” said Susan Krase, President of the Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue.

It’s normal for dogs in Colby’s situation to be anxious, so they desperately need a home for comfort. Colby is still a young, playful dog who needs someone to exercise, play, and cuddle with. He loves going on long walks, swimming, and playing fetch. He just needs someone to give him a second chance at a happy life.

Lab jumping in pool
Image: @SouthwestOasisLabRescue/Facebook

Dogs are a part of the family. So, if you’re certain that you can’t care for them as well as you should, do the responsible thing. Please bring them to a shelter or rescue so they’ll have a chance at finding a new family. Abandoning or neglecting a dog will only hurt them more and have lasting effects on their behaviors.

And when getting a dog, remember that it’s a lifelong commitment no matter what obstacles you face. Dogs like Colby deserve so much better than what they’ve been through.

Featured Image: @SouthwestOasisLabRescue/Facebook

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