Stand-Out Cat Litter Box Furniture to Fit Your Style

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Finding good spots for litter boxes in your home can be a challenge, especially if you live in a small space or your home has multiple cats. One good solution to the problem is cat litter box furniture. These cleverly designed enclosures look like traditional furniture, such as nightstands, side tables, and entry benches, but conceal your cat’s litter box inside. Imagine being able to site a litter pan just about anywhere that’s convenient—without having it sticking out like a sore thumb.

Merry bench

Merry Products Litter Box Storage Bench

You can fit a jumbo litter box, or a large cat, in this popular storage bench.

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There are a growing number of options for cat litter box furniture and enclosures, from lightweight, easy-to-move enclosures for households-on-the-go to solid benches and credenzas. Some come with their own litter boxes while others house a litter box that you select. (See a list of our favorite boxes here.) Your living space and your kitty’s litter box habits will help determine what kind of piece would work best. The good news is most of them are sturdy and easily washable.

If your cat sprays or sometimes goes outside the box, check to make sure that the cabinet you choose has interior materials that won’t absorb urine. And if your cat likes to kick litter, pick an enclosure roomy enough for a litter box with high walls or lids.

Don’t expect litter box furniture to carry the same loads as other furniture in your home. Even pieces marketed as benches or nightstands are generally not made to withstand the weight of heavy items like TVs—or people. And keep in mind that they’ll be housing active animals, so think twice about what you put on top of that cute cabinet. Books are great, vases—not so much.

The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

If a hidden litter box seems just right for you and your cats, look no further. We’ve rounded up some attractive and clever enclosures for that litter pan.

This popular bench-style cat litter enclosure is large enough to accommodate and conceal jumbo or electronic litter boxes. Whatever the cat does inside is hidden—until you swing the doors open to handle the cleanup. The bench comes in white or brown and includes a removable partition (for creating an optional storage area).

Merry bench

Merry Products Litter Box Storage Bench

You can fit a jumbo litter box, or a large cat, in this popular storage bench.

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Try hiding your cat’s litter box among your plant collection. This durable pot will fool many visitors and the size (19 by 19 inches at the base) makes it a good choice for homes with multiple cats or large kitties. A filtered vent system controls dust and odor.

Litter Planter

Good Pet Stuff Cat Litter Planter

This litter box shaped like a planter will fit even your biggest cat. Made of easy-to-clean polypropylene.

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Available in black or white, standard or jumbo sizes, this bench-style enclosure keeps your cat’s litter box out of view and safely away from any dogs looking for a snack. When it’s time to clean, just lift the hinged top to access the litter box and the scoop in the adjacent compartment. If your cats have an extra-large litter plan, you can remove the internal anti-tracking panel to get extra floorspace.

litter enclosure

Designer Pet Products Litter Box Enclosure

This attractive bench offers side access for your cat and convenient top access for you when it’s time to clean.

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You’ll want to check out this sleek enclosure with a clever design. It comes with its own slide-out litter box, and the entrance includes a grated floor that minimizes litter tracking when your cat exits the box. In addition to moss green, the box is available in Tiffany blue, pink, and white. Buyers report that it’s ideal for small- to mid-size cats.

This sleek plywood litter box cover from Penn-Plax is a perfect modern home fit. Your cat enters and exits through the side opening, while you use the French doors for easy cleaning access. It’s offered in gray-stained wood with red or white doors, as well as in all white. Note: This design is best for cats who are willing to hop up to get into the box.

Penn-Plax Cat Cabinet

You’ll like the sturdy construction and modern design and your cat will enjoy the spacious interior.

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Keep the litter box out of view in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room with this attractive and versatile cat nightstand. It comes in walnut, white, or espresso finishes to coordinate with your other furniture. Placing the box in your bathroom or kitchen? It comes with a convenient (optional) towel bar. Colors: White, espresso, and walnut.

Merry Products Versatile Cat Litter Box Furniture

For bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, this enclosure offers shelf space, a towel bar, and an easy entrance for kitty.

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This very mid-century modern style cabinet comes in white, pink, or brown wood veneer. There’s a round side entrance for your cat and plenty of room for your lava lamp on top. We love the “Mad Men” vibe and the waterproof coating.

Staart Mid-Century Cat Litter Box Furniture

People will want this very sweet retro cabinet even if they don’t have cats!

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This new enclosure from Penn-Plax offers a space-saving vertical design with a top drawer for toys and grooming tools and an inner shelf for anything else (extra litter, bags, scoops, etc.). Your cat enjoys privacy in the lower compartment. Entrances on either side give you plenty of placement options.

Penn-Plax Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Here’s a space-saving design for mid-size litter boxes, with two entrances, a top drawer, and an inner shelf for supplies.

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This high-end solid wood enclosure is available in several stains and colors. The designer also takes customization requests. No one (except your cat—maybe) will believe there is a litter box inside. The little barn door makes the rustic piece as trendy as cat litter box furniture is likely to get.

This sturdy end table-style design makes hiding your cat’s litter box a breeze. It’s made of eco-friendly recycled materials with solid, double-walled construction—materials that won’t split, warp, or absorb liquids of your cat “misses.” The front flips down for easy cleaning. Colors include grey, russet, antique white, and espresso.

Guests coming? This highly rated privacy screen with a natural bamboo frame (available in two colors) is perfect for cat owners who want to quickly hide a litter box from view. Bonus: Kitties who avoid using a dark, closed-in box will be comfortable behind this translucent frame.

PetFusion Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen

PetFusion Litter Box Privacy Screen

This bamboo-frame screen is a quick and easy way to hide the litter box without making kitty feel closed in.

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Handmade in Italy, this solid spruce wood cabinet is almost too beautiful to be cat litter box furniture. Perhaps you could use it to house the kitty bed instead? Choose from five finishes (black, walnut, dark chocolate, white, and clear) and consider an optional shelf.

Modern Litter Box Cabinet

This attractive solid-spruce cabinet is the perfect place for your cat to attend to their business.

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The Pro Pawty from Pet Gear offers a different twist on cat litter box furniture. A partitioned interior design guides your cat to the litter box area, and the fabric enclosure unzips so you can get to the box for cleaning. Need to move? The enclosure folds up for packing. Choose from espresso or soft charcoal colors.

Pro Pawty enclosure

Pet Gear Pro Pawty Litter Box Cover

This portable, fabric enclosure unzips when it’s time to scoop the litter.

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This spacious credenza made of composite wood with an antiqued white farmhouse-style finish appeals to cats and their people. Tall enough for electronic litter boxes, it’s also great for jumbo litter boxes or jumbo cats. There’s a small side entrance for cats and easy front access for humans cleaning up after them.

Litterbox Farmhouse-Style Credenza

This tall credenza brings style to your home and gives your cat plenty of privacy—it’s even designed to fit large electronic litter boxes.

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