The 6 Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans for 2021

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A few years ago, I thought I’d finally outsmarted my tissue-loving dog, Sasha, with a fancy trash can that opened with a pedal. My success lasted about three days until she figured out the contraption and hunted for tissues to her little heart’s delight, intrigued by her new toy that rewarded ingenuity with…used tissues.  #DogMomFail.

Let’s face it, our dogs often find our trash as delightful as they find us. They may be nosing through the trash because they miss us when we’re gone or perhaps they truly love the surprise treasures in our garbage.

Simplehuman 15.3 Gallon Step Can

This 15.3 gallon double bin is a great option for a trash can and recycling container in one. It boasts a pedal mechanism to keep dogs out and a brushed stainless steel exterior.

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Regardless of the motivation, finding a truly dog-proof trash receptacle can be challenging. We suggest looking for cans that employ some type of contraption (e.g. a pedal, a lock, a motion sensor, etc.) and are made from heavy material.

The 6 Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans for 2021

For those of us who are the proud owners of a clever and motivated dog, check out the highly-reviewed dog-proof trash cans below.

This trash can keeps dogs at bay with a two-step contraption. Not only would an enterprising dog have to push the pedal, but she would also have to unlock the trash can. Thanks to the locking mechanism, this trash remains closed even after being tipped over.

Well played, Sterilite, well played. These cans are sold as a two-pack.

Sterilite 12.6 Gallon Locking StepOn Wastebasket

Sold in a 2-pack, these trash cans are truly dog-proof, thanks to both a locking mechanism and push pedal that keep the lid shut.

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This trash can’s step mechanism can sometimes be outsmarted, but when combined with the can’s weight, it proves difficult for small or medium-sized dogs to open. As an added benefit, reviewers note that the weight of the lid keeps the smell of the trash confined to the can. The design is certainly pleasing, though this can is on the expensive side.

Simplehuman 16 Gallon Kitchen Step Trash Can

The heavy-duty nature of this trash can combined with its step pedal mechanism makes it an ideal choice to keep nosey dogs away.

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For the dog owner who wants a trash and recycling solution, look no further than this dual receptacle from Simplehuman. With two bins for storing both trash and recycling, this can has a pedal mechanism to keep pets at bay. Reviewers praise its durability and functionality, though there are a few reports of dogs learning the pedal trick.

Simplehuman 15.3 Gallon Step Can

For a dual trash and recycling container, this 15.3-gallon double bin is a great option. Plus, its pedal mechanism promises to keep dogs out.

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A motion sensor opens this four-gallon trash can, meaning the lid stays locked when it’s tipped over.  While a dog could certainly learn how to use this mechanism, no reviewer has reported that their dog has mastered the technique. In fact, multiple reviewers praise the trash can’s ability to withstand even the most determined dogs.

iTouchless Multifunction Sensor 4 Gallon Trash Can

The sensors on this 4-gallon trash keep the lid firmly in place at any angle, so even the most determined of dogs will find it difficult to open.

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This bathroom trash can incorporates a pedal-mechanism for easy (human) use and proves to be a difficult can to crack, even for large dogs. It has a stainless steel exterior that is smudge resistant, which to dog owners can translate as “drool-mark resistant”. While it may be on the more expensive side, both its functionality and appearance earn high reviews from dog owners.

2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Bathroom Step Trash Can

In addition to its pretty and smudge-resistant stainless steel exterior, this bathroom trash boasts a pedal mechanism that keeps dogs out.

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For pet owners who rely on an outdoor trash can, this could be a good solution. It’s essentially a bungee cord designed to keep outdoor trash can lids secured. Reviewers heap on the praise for these locks, which are effective at keeping dogs (as well as raccoons, bears, rodents, and livestock!) out of the trash.

Doggy Dare Trash Can Lock

Keep an outdoor trash can secure with this bungee cord-style lock that will prevent dogs and other animals from raiding it.

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Whatever your trash woes, we wish you luck in keeping even the most enterprising dog safely out of the garbage and into better things, like laps.

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