Fur Laughs: 6 Hilarious Dogs Who Didn’t Care About Agility Course Rules [VIDEOS]

Hilarious Dog Agility Videos

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When we think of a dog show event, we expect to see the best in agility and obedience. And for the most part, that’s what we get.

But sometimes, there are a few dogs in the bunch who don’t really care about any of that. In fact, all they really want to do is have some fun!

Here are six laugh-out-loud pups who didn’t care about agility courses or competition rules and did their own thing, instead.

1. Olly, The Super Excited Jack Russell Terrier

There are many dog show events held around the world but none as big as Crufts. According to Guinness World Records, Crufts annual dog show event, held in Birmingham, England, is the largest dog show event in the world.

Olly, a Jack Russell Terrier, competed in this event for years. And every year his enthusiasm and excitement for life got the best of him.

This video is from 2017 when he first competed. He face plants in the first few seconds, but that doesn’t stop him from having a good time!

2. Kratu, The Romanian Mutt Who Just Didn’t Care

Another entry to the Cruft’s agility contest is Kratu, a Romanian mutt who didn’t go home with any prizes or trophies but certainly won everyone’s heart!

In this video from 2018, he mostly ignores his trainers’ commands as he wanders to say hello to officials and hides in the tunnel for a moment without a care in the world.

He returned in 2019 and mostly did the same thing as the previous year. In 2020, he even stole one of the poles from the hurdles.

3. Tinklebury Bingo Just Wants To Be With Mommy

A four-year-old Papillon entered the Crufts agility contest in 2018. And unlike our first two happy-go-lucky pups, Tinklebury just wanted to be with her mommy.

In the video, her trainer and pet parent, Melinda Savva, tries desperately to get Tinklebury to jump over the first bar. But all the cute Papillon does is follow her mother around the whole time!

With the help of an official — which isn’t allowed in the contest — Tinklebury gets her first jump. After that, however, it was back to being a mommy’s girl!

4. Lucas Just Wants To Run Fast

Sometimes there are dogs who just don’t want to compete. Take Lucas, for example. Lucas is a beautiful Saluki who entered Crufts agility test back in 2014. Salukis are known to be lean and fast — really fast.

In this video, Lucas showcases that speed as soon as his trainer lets him off his leash. He first makes a run for the exit, but soon rushes back and sprints around until he runs into an official.

Looks like Lucas was just trying to find a way back to his mom!

5. Golden Retriever Who Can’t Help But Retrieve

Not all hilarity happens at the largest dog show in the world, as this smaller event was held in Finland in 2014.

The idea of this test is to get your dog to come to you without stopping to play with the toys or eat the snacks lined up on each side of the runway. The goal is to see how obedient your dog is.

A German Shepherd passes with flying colors. The second dog, a Golden Retriever… well, you’ll see.

6. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

To win “Best In Show,” not only does your pup have to complete the agility test, but they must also do so as fast as they can.

At a dog show in Denver, Colorado, this Mastiff competes in the agility test at his own slow pace. He looks like he gets tired towards the end, but he keeps trucking on until he finishes.

Sometimes just participating and doing your best is all you can do, which is an important life lesson this Mastiff teaches us in this video.

Which dog agility fail is your favorite? How would your dog do in one of these competitions? Let us know in the comments below!

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