German Shepherd Makes Herself At Home In Store’s Toy Bin


They say you’re always at home when you’re with the ones you love, and dogs sometimes take that message literally. Still, what might be asocial behavior for a human is just plain endearing from a dog.

Whether they’re jumping up and getting cozy on display-only furniture, peeing in the aisles, or stealing things off store shelves, dogs sometimes get too comfortable on errands with their people.


Take, for example, a German Shepherd who confidently turned a store display into a personal toy bin. Recently, Shannon Emery took 1-year-old Mila to Menard’s, a place she’s been before. 

At the end of this expedition, Mila knew she would get to pick out a toy from the large bin. Thankfully, Emery captured the moment his dog happened upon the bin, and the world is so grateful he did.

Really Making Herself At Home

Confidently walking with her dad that day, Mila decided the store was hers to freely roam. Emery explained:

“She has been to this store a couple of times and she does get to pick out a toy each visit. The aisle with the toy bin is one of the last stops in the store so she impatiently pulled the leash towards that part of the store the whole visit.”

A larger dog, even at one, Mila can usually see into the dog toy bin to grab a toy she likes off the top. On this particular day, the bin was less than overflowing, blocking her view of her options, so she decided to choose a different route to her prize. That’s when she leapt right into the bin itself.

“When we finally got there this time, the stock was low so she could not reach the toys very well. She just jumped right in without hesitation but I was not recording the first time she did it. So, we recreated the moment on camera.”


Though the footage we get is technically a re-creation, it’s adorable to see Mila’s enthusiasm lead her to go after what she wants… Even if that means behaving less than politely in public. It almost seems like the toy bin was designed to be a makeshift ball pit just for her.


In the end, after sifting through a bin full of potential picks, Mila went with a yellow squeaky ball. And, of course, she eventually got out of the bin. No one seemed to mind this social faux pas, but I guess that’s just one of the many perks of being a dog.

Watch the adorable video in full here.

H/T: Fox35
Featured Image: @ABC7/YouTube

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