Animal Rescue Refuses To Return Lost Dog To Family


If you’ve lost a dog before, you know the sigh of relief you feel when they’re found. But imagine what would happen if you knew where your lost dog was, but couldn’t get them back.

That’s what Kansas dog parent Jessica Palacio faced. Her dog Capone got lost on March 31st, and she searched everywhere for him. Then, Unleashed Pet Rescue, where she had adopted him, found him and told her to come pick him up. But when she did, the rescue refused to return Capone. The exact reasoning is still unclear, but it seems like there’s a lot more to the story.

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Mixed Messages

Palacio first received an email from the rescue on Easter. It stated that they found her lost dog and that there would be some fees to get him back. They were able to confirm that Capone was her dog because of his microchip. Palacio was ecstatic, so she brought the fees to the rescue to get her dog back.

But when she arrived, the response was the opposite of the email. Staff told her that her dog wasn’t available. When Palacio begged for her dog back and refused to leave, the police got involved. Now, Palacio is not allowed to enter the premises.

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“They said he is not available…I mean, I got like 15 different stories as to why I couldn’t take my dog,” Palacio said. “When I had to go home and tell my daughter we couldn’t get the dog back she was upset because that’s her baby. He’s everybody’s baby, you know?”

Palacio contacted the rescue’s owner, Danielle Reno, several times with no success. She even sent other people to the rescue to get answers about her dog. But for some reason, the staff are very adamant about keeping Capone. Palacio is overly worried because Capone suffers from extreme allergies this time of year.

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Looking for Answers

Reno still hasn’t come forward to share her side of the story, but she gave a few details when asked. She explained that Palacio had neglected Capone, but then said that she’s gone “above and beyond” to return him to his family. The details of this potential neglect are unclear, but there may be more to this situation than Palacio is saying.

Palacio said that she was told she could apply to adopt Capone again, but that’s the only way she can get him back. And since Reno thinks she’s neglecting the dog, it’s unlikely they’d even approve her adoption application. So, Palacio’s family is currently in a difficult and frustrating situation.

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“Just give me back my dog,” Palacio said. “I don’t understand why this is a hard issue for you guys. I guess they thought I would give up by now, but I’m going to fight, I want my dog home.”

Hopefully, Reno will speak up soon to clarify some things. It seems as if a lot of information about the situation still isn’t being talked about. But no matter what, it looks like both parties will continue to stand their ground. Hopefully, the final decision ends up being whatever is best for Capone.

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