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● Are Dog Years Real?
● Hybrid Dog vs. Mutt
● Why Grapes Are Toxic To Dogs
● 8 Ways You Annoy Your Dog
● Is Your Vet Doing A Good Job?
● Protect Your Dog From These 7 Bugs

Are Dog Years Real? Here’s How to Calculate Your Pet’s Age

Determining a dog’s real age is far more complicated than simply multiplying by seven for every “human” year. According to veterinarians and researchers, size and breed both play major roles in canine aging.

From tiny Teacup Poodles to giant Great Danes; there simply cannot be a one-size-fits-all calculation for the entire species.

Here’s an in-depth look at how to calculate your pet’s age as efficiently as possible.

To wash your dog’s stinky collar, use dog shampoo or hypoallergenic detergent. Use an old toothbrush to scrub any stains.

Healthy Treats For Pups That Like To Chillax With A Snack

With so many humans working from home, pups have more stress than ever! When “Yappy Hour” rolls around, give them delicious peanut butter and jelly flavored treats from Happy, Healthy. After all, It’s Treat O’Clock Somewhere!

These fun, heart-shaped snacks are made with just four healthy ingredients – Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Blueberries, and Chia Seeds – all of which are sourced in the US.

Get them now for just $6.99. Every bag you purchase provides meals to 3 shelter dogs!

In serious cases, grape and raisin toxicity causes ____ in dogs?

  1. Liver Failure
  2. Heart Arrythmia
  3. Kidney Failure

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!

What’s The Difference Between A Hybrid Dog & A Mutt?

There used to be purebred dogs and mutts. Mixed breed dogs were the accidental results of neglecting to spay or neuter your pooch.

Now, mixed breed dogs are looked at with new respect. Celebrities, law enforcement, and average citizens alike are choosing mixed breed dogs for a variety of roles.

But what about the newest type of “mutt”? The hybrid dog. How do they fit into the mix? And what’s the difference, anyway?

Veterinarians Finally Discover WHY Grapes Are Toxic To Dogs

For more than 20 years, veterinarians have known that grapes and raisins can make dogs very ill and even cause their death. What they didn’t know was exactly WHY.

Recently, four veterinarians from the ASPCA and the Animal Poison Control Center noticed that patients who ingested a particular cooking additive had the same symptoms as dogs with grape and raisin toxicity.

This discovery may very well have solved a decades-long mystery.

8 Things You Do That Really Annoy Your Dog

iHeartDogs’ archives contain dozens of articles about how to deal with annoying dog behaviors. But what about the things we do to annoy our dogs?

They may love us unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have room for improvement in their eyes!

If you want a happier pup, avoid these behaviors to help make life a little less annoying for your dog.

4 Ways To Tell If Your Vet Is Doing A Good Job

by Dr. Kathryn Primm

Veterinarians have had some bad publicity lately, but don’t let a few bad apples make you lose faith in the profession.

Most vets are incredibly intelligent, gentle, and dedicated professionals who want only the best for you and your pup.

Here, veterinarian Kathryn Primm gives you four ways to tell whether your vet is a keeper.

Protect Your Dog From These 7 Bugs This Spring & Summer

Biting and stinging insects are a major nuisance to dogs this time of year. Not only do they cause itching and pain, they may lead to allergic reactions or life-threatening diseases.

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Quiz Answer:

3. Kidney Failure. Depending on the type of grape, growing conditions, and degree of ripeness, consuming grapes or raisins can lead to acute kidney failure in dogs.

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