Can Dogs Eat Peas? Are Peas Safe For Dogs?

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Can dogs eat peas? Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking this if your dog begs while you’re shelling some fresh peas from their pods as part of a healthy dinner. If humans can eat peas, can dogs safely eat them too?

The short answer is yes, dogs can eat peas. There are definitely some health benefits that come from feeding dogs peas, and this is one of the reasons why the ingredient is often found in commercial dog foods. But there are also a couple of safety concerns you’ll need to take into account when feeding them to your dog.

As always, you must ask your regular vet before sharing any human food with your favorite dog, including peas. Here’s what you need to know about peas and dogs.

How Are Peas Good For Dogs?

The good news is that peas are not poisonous or toxic to dogs. Even better, peas contain a host of health benefits for dogs: They are high in the vitamins A, B, and K, and they also contain decent amounts of zinc, iron, and potassium. Peas are also considered to be a worthwhile source of fiber for dogs.

When it comes to the healthful impact that peas can have on a dog, they can improve your canine’s skin and digestion along with having a beneficial effect on the immune system.

If you’re wondering what type of peas you can safely feed to your dog, go ahead and select from garden peas, snow peas, or sugar snap peas. In fact, you can even feed frozen peas to your dog as a frosty treat!

How Can I Safely Give Peas To My Dog?

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First of all, make sure that you only feed fresh or frozen peas to your dog and not canned peas. This is because canned peas can often have extra sodium added to them.

Secondly, be careful when it comes to feeding peas in their pod to your dog. While humans can safely eat pea pods, they can become a choking hazard for a canine. So it’s best to err on the side of caution and stick to feeding only shelled peas to dogs.

Thirdly, it’s worth noting that dog’s suffering from kidney issues should eat peas. This is because peas contain the chemical compound purine, which can lead to kidney stones when the body processes it.

In general, peas can be a healthy snack or nutritious addition to a dog’s diet. Just make sure to feed them in moderation, and make sure that they’re not the main part of your canine’s meals.

Have you adopted a dog who loves to snack on peas? How do you make sure you safely serve peas to your dog? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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