Keep Calm With the Best Weighted Blankets for Dogs (and Their People)


Guess what time it is? Snuggle time! Chillier days mean getting cozy and adding layers—and that goes for dogs, too. Perhaps you already have a blanket, or even a heated version, for your four-legged friend. But did you know there’s another type of blanket in town? That’s right! Weighted blankets for dogs are a possible option for a comfy, soothing experience to help keep doggos calm and happy.

Why Weighted Blankets for Dogs?

Weighted blankets for dogs are thought to have similar effects on dogs as they do on humans. Theoretically, the extra weight mimics the comfort of being hugged, or swaddled, which may be soothing to your dog. The aim of a weighted blanket is to decrease anxiety and stress, and to also help improve rest and sleep.

Weighted Blankets for Dogs: a Few Warnings

There are some important things to consider when it comes to deciding whether a weighted blanket is right for your dog. For example, pets with breathing issues or flat faces may find weighted blankets oppressive and uncomfortably constricting.

Also, bear in mind that weighted blankets are typically stuffed with plastic or glass beads and pellets. For this reason, it’s important to select a weighted blanket made from non-toxic materials.

It also follows here that a weighted blanket is not a good option for puppies and aggressive chewers, as the materials could be potential choking hazards. In general, always check with your veterinarian before making a change to your dog’s health routine.

If you do decide you want a weighted blanket for your dog:

  • Make sure the blanket is no more than 10% of your dog’s body weight.
  • Supervise snuggle sessions to make sure your dog is comfortable and benefiting from their cover.
  • Select a blanket for dogs made from non-toxic materials.

A weighted blanket may be a possible solution if your dog suffers from stress during storms, separation anxiety, or other stress-related behavior—consult with your vet. Then, take a look at our picks below.

The Best Weighted Blankets for Dogs

We’ve selected items specifically designed for dogs, as well as weighted blankets for pet parents that they can safely snuggle into with their dogs.

Weighted Blankets Designed Especially for Dogs

BuddyRest Soothe Weighted Dog Blanket

Snuggle up, pup! Designed especially for doggos, this comfy weighted blanket’s aim is to help reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress levels. Made in the U.S., this blanket is stuffed with non-toxic beads for weight and rocks super soft fleece on one side and K9 suede on the other. Bonus? It’s also machine-wash safe.

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Canine Coddler

Also crafted just for our canine fam, this weighted blanky gets the seal of approval from veterinarians. Filled with non-toxic PVC pellets, this oh-so-soft blanket comes in two sizes and is designed to help calm anxious and excited dogs down. Did Fido step on it with muddy paws? No problem, remove the outer cover and pop into the washing machine.

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Weighted Blankets for Pet Parents (and Their Dogs)

Fabula Life Weighted Blanket

Available in a whopping 15 sizes, this weighted blanket is actually made for kids, but we think your dog will enjoy it, too (perhaps even with the kids!). Made with a comfy, breathable 100% cotton shell, this blanket is reinforced with polyester under layers and weighted with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic glass beads.

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Bare Home Weighted Blanket

Made in five different colors in a variety of sizes, this 100% cotton weighted blanket for dogs is filled with fiber and non-toxic glass beads for heft. Note that this is hand wash or dry clean only. Not your dog’s thing? Send back within 30 days to receive a refund.

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Luna Weighted Blanket

Choose from a pile of colors, patterns, and sizes for your next doggy snuggle session with this comforting blanket. Packed with seven layers of coziness, it’s made with non-toxic glass beads and is both hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex certified (free from harmful chemicals) so you and your best furry friend can relax with peace of mind.

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Heavy Blankets for Pet Parents (and Their Dogs)

Bearaby Cotton Napper

Get the weight—without all the plastic and glass—with Bearaby’s hug of a handmade blanket for you and your dog made from layers and layers of 95% organic cotton. Wrap up with the pup in this chunky knit, designed in eight hues, and get your calm on.

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ColeyBear Weighted Hand Woven Chunky Knit Yarn Blanket

Another heavy-knit option that’s slightly more wallet-friendly is ColeyBear’s weighted yarn blanket. Handwoven, and coming in at 15 pounds, this polyester throw is massive, so you’ll have plenty of space to cuddle in it with your large-breed dog. Bonus? It doesn’t shed (you’ve got enough shedding to worry about with Fido, after all). Spot cleaning is recommended.

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