Fresh Breath Can Make Spending Time With Your Dog Even More Pleasant

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If you’re lucky enough to have an affectionate dog like my pup, Leia, then you probably spend a lot of face-to-face time. If you’re even luckier, your doggo has some great breath to go along with those sweet kisses.

Let’s face it — “doggy breath” has never been a compliment, whether given to dogs or humans. If your dog’s breath is less friendly than their disposition, don’t fret! Your vet can advise you on professional teeth cleanings and at-home dental care!

Check out a few benefits of good dog breath below. How do I love thee, fresh dog breath? Let me count the ways!

Fresh Breath Shows Your Dog Has Good Dental Health

This is the most important benefit of fresh dog breath on the list. Good breath indicates good dental health!

Bad odors in the mouth can indicate a build-up of bacteria on your dog’s teeth, causing plaque. If left untreated, the plaque can progress to gingivitis and then gum disease — something the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates about 80 percent of dogs have by the time they’re three years old.

In contrast, good breath can indicate a lack of plaque, easing your mind and confirming dog’s dental comfort.

Bad breath can also be a sign of other health problems in your dog, so if good dental hygiene isn’t helping, be sure to talk to your vet!

Your Pup Will Have Less Stinky Toys

Maybe your dog has been slobbering over a chew toy, plushie, or something they shouldn’t be, like furniture, shoes, pillows — the naughty list is endless! It’s nice if you don’t have to replace those items quite so often due to lingering dog breath odor.

Anything that goes in your dog’s mouth will likely have to be replaced eventually. But you can lengthen the life of those items — and not be bothered by odors wafting from their toy bucket — if your dog’s breath is tip-top.

You And Your Dog Might Make More Friends

Fresh breath might even improve your dog’s social life. Sweet-smelling kisses will keep humans coming back for more!

Your dog might be invited to more puppy play dates, too, when your dog’s friends’ parents know your pooch won’t be leaving odoriferous souvenirs on their dog toys, furniture, carpet, and faces!

Even your pet sitter or dog walker will appreciate their time with your dog more if they don’t have to deal with off-putting aromas from your pup’s mouth.

You’ll Enjoy Your Close Time More

Like every gum commercial jingle has taught us, closeness is just better with great breath. You can enjoy unlimited up-close-and-personal time with your pup without the distraction or obstacle of bad breath.

We know dogs are uncanny at reading our expressions and moods, too. So when their breath is fresh, you can flash a genuine smile, instead of a grimace, bouncing your dog’s happiness back at them.

You’ll Give Your Face A Break

Have you ever had an unpleasant odor lingering on your body somewhere, like fertilizer under your fingernails, fried fish smell clinging to your hair, or some other unpleasantness from chores and cooking? You just can’t wait to wash it off!

Dog breath odor can also linger on you for a long time after your dog showers you with loving licks to the face. You certainly don’t want that kind of association with your dog’s kisses!

When your dog’s breath is fresh, the only thing their kisses will leave behind are happy memories, so you won’t have to run to the sink or shower quite as often.

How do you keep your dog’s breath fresh? Is spending time with your dog more pleasant when they’re not so stinky? Let us know in the comments below!

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