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● Signs You Are Bathing Your Dog Wrong
● Is Your Dog At Risk For Canine Distemper?
● Dog Stops Traffic To Save Her Human
● The 5 Dog Personality Types
● Benadryl For Anxiety
● Can Dogs Share Your Easter Feast?

5 Signs You Are Not Bathing Your Dog Correctly

Of all the things you do to care for your dog, bathing may seem like a no-brainer. But dogs have sensitive skin and delicate ears prone to infection.

There is a delicate balance between over-bathing and under-bathing that can mean the difference between clean & comfy and stinky & itchy!

If your pup is showing any of these 5 signs, you may be bathing him wrong.

Drinking too much water could make vomiting or diarrhea worse. Offer ice chips instead.

Itchy Dog? Try These Tasty Chews From Amazon

Dogs need omega fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and a soft, silky coat, but most do not get nearly enough from dog food alone.

If your pup is itchy and uncomfortable with dull or greasy fur, give him soft, delicious Happy, Healthy Omega-3-6-9 Select Krill Chews – Now available from Amazon Prime for only 50 cents a day!

Which dogs are at risk for Canine Distemper?

  1. Stray Dogs
  2. Puppies Under 16-weeks-old
  3. Unvaccinated Owned Dogs
  4. All of the Above

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!

Is Your Dog At Risk For Canine Distemper?

Canine Distemper is one of those diseases that, like Measles in children, has been mostly eradicated by the miracle of vaccinations.

However, those who choose not to vaccinate their puppies or do not keep up with routine boosters, may still see this frightening illness affect their dogs.

Learn the symptoms of Canine Distemper, how it is spread, and how to protect your dog.

Dog Stops Traffic To Save Her Human During A Seizure

Service dogs can be trained to perform amazing tasks on behalf of their humans. But one rescue pup went above and beyond to save her master – without any training at all!

When Haley Moore suddenly suffered a seizure, her dog Clover sprang into action to keep her safe and get her help.

Check out the heartwarming story and view the CCTV footage of Clover’s heroic actions here!

If your dog has a bout of reverse sneezing, try gently blowing in her nose or massaging her throat.

Dogs Have 5 Major Personality Types

Some are outgoing; some are shy. Some can’t bear to be away from their people while others are quite independent.

Scientists now say that dogs have 5 major personality types. Which best fits your pup?

Does Benadryl Work For Dog Anxiety?

by Laci Schaible, DVM, CVJ

Benadryl is an antihistamine most often used for the treatment of allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny eyes itching, and hives.

However, there is evidence that it can be used to help nervous dogs battle anxiety and avoid taking prescription-strength medications.

Dr. Laci Schaible has the scoop.

Can Dogs Share Your Easter Feast?

Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, deviled eggs, and lots of pastel-colored desserts. Easter is a great day for delicious, indulgent foods. But should your dog share in the feast?

Dr. Jack Stephens’ list of Easter foods to avoid dates back to 2014, but it holds true to this day. See what the veterinarian and founder of Pet’s Best Insurance has to say about 6 popular Easter foods below.

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Quiz Answer:

4. All of the Above. According to veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Primm “Any unvaccinated dog or puppy is at risk, especially young dogs not old enough to have completed their vaccine series, stray dogs, and even owned dogs that are not current on vaccines.”

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