8 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Coyote Attacks

Coyote walking in an urban park

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

As humans spread into coyote habitats with their pets more and more, the odds of encounters between dogs and coyotes skyrocket. These encounters can be deadly, especially for small dogs who make for easy prey. Humans are good sources of garbage and food, which can attract coyotes, too.

February is mating season, and from April to August, coyotes begin to have their puppies. They hunt more actively to provide for their young, as well as becoming more defensive of their territory.

Attacks may be more likely during that time, but in winter when resources are scare, coyotes can also grow desperate for food and move into human domains, which can cause more incidents with dogs.

It’s important to stay vigilant all year long and protect your dog from coyote attacks. Here are eight ways that you can reduce the risk of coyote attacks on your dog and protect your pup if you happen to see a coyote.

What other tips do you have for protecting dogs from coyote attacks? Have you ever encountered a coyote with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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