No-Pull Dog Harnesses That Work: Your Complete Guide to the Best Options

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Having a dog who pulls on leash can be a real drag. But don’t worry, help is available! Anti-pull or no-pull dog harnesses can greatly reduce or even eliminate pulling behaviors.

Harnesses, in general, are a great choice for dog walking because they take strain off your dog’s neck and offer you more control. And for canines who like to pull on leash, no-pull dog harnesses are a true lifesaver. They help manage your companion’s pulling habit, letting you and your pup walk stress-free.

Puggle Budley models the Wonder Walker

The Wonder Walker

This low profile and versatile harness is easy to use as both a front-clip no-pull harness and as a traditional harness with a clip on the back.

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The Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses

There are quite a few no-pull dog harnesses available. We’ve considered expert trainer advice, online reviews, and our own experience testing a handful of these harnesses on Rover dogs (indicated as “Verified Reviews”) to determine the best.

Read on for our list of the no-pull dog harnesses that really work.

This popular Wonder Walker no-pull harness places control around your dog’s center of gravity rather than their head or neck. It can be clipped in front or back. By attaching your dog’s leash to the chest ring, you can gently guide your dog in the direction you want them to move.

Why we like it:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Only one buckle for easy on and off
  • O-rings are large enough for tags

We tested the size XS on a Boston terrier and size XL on a Labrador/husky mix and English bulldog. What did our testers think?

Verified review (size XS): “My puppy tends to pull a lot, because she wants to sniff every.single.tree. I tried collar training with her to keep her on track but I finally threw in the towel and decided to try a harness. This harness can be clipped on the top, or in the front to prevent pulling. I opted to clip it in the front to control pulling and it really has helped. Walks are so much more enjoyable now!”

Verified review (size XL): “My first impression of the Wonder Walker XL harness was that the material seemed durable, but also lightweight. The harness looked slightly small for an XL, and I wasn’t sure it would fit my bulldog’s wide chest. There are multiple size adjustments, making this a fairly versatile product (I was able to fit it on my low and sturdy English Bulldog, as well as my 95 pound Lab/Husky mix!) The alternate colored strap makes it easy to ensure the harness is correctly being placed on your pet (it rests on your dog’s back). Overall, I thought the product was really great. The only feature I would change is the placement of the clasp closure. On both of my dogs it sat right under their armpit area and I have concern that this could be uncomfortable on long walks.”

Read more about the Wonder Walker in our article, Why Does It Seem Like Every Dog in Seattle Wears This Harness

Puggle Budley models the Wonder Walker

The Wonder Walker

This low profile and versatile harness is easy to use as both a front-clip no-pull harness and as a traditional harness with a clip on the back.

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This heavy-duty, multi-functional harness is ideal for BIG dogs who like to pull. The extra-strong nylon webbing and padded chest plate make it a durable, comfortable, and functional choice to curb pulling. And, it even comes with a seatbelt tether to keep your dog safe and secure in the car.

Why we like it:

  • Several points of adjustment for a secure fit
  • Chest plate “halt ring” for no-pull walks
  • Padded chest plate and wide straps keep your dog comfortable

Verified review: “The fit was spot on. Whiskey is a boxer mix, medium-sized (45 lbs) and has a very broad chest but tiny waist. Sometimes it’s hard to find harnesses or coats that are big enough for his chest area. This one was perfect! Whiskey is a leash-puller, so it’s nice to have the option to clip in front or back. The firm fit gave better support and Whiskey seemed to like it a lot on our walk to the beach.”

Kurgo No-Pull Dog Harness

Have a big dog that likes to pull hard? This heavy-duty no-pull harness can withstand even strong pulling from larger breeds.

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This durable no-pull dog harness’ front leash attachment helps you discourage your dog’s headstrong wandering by gently directing her forward. A highly-adjustable design ensures a custom, snug fit, and padded chest and belly panels keep her comfortable. Performance fabric stands up to heavy use, and a reflective trim offers maximum visibility at night.

Why we like it:

  • Performance fabric stands up to heavy use
  • Highly adjustable for a great fit
  • Reflective trim keeps your dog safe at night

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

This high-quality no-pull dog harness features padded chest and belly panels, an adjustable fit, and reflective trim for more visibility.

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Another front-hook harness that stops pulling, the 2 Hounds Design Freedom offers even more control. It has leash attachments on the front and back, which lets you use a double-ended leash (included with purchase) to “steer” your dog. It’s kind of like working the reins of a horse, but dog-friendly.

Why we like it:

  • Four points of adjustment for a safe, comfortable fit
  • Reviewers rave over the gentle control
  • Comes in lots of bright colors for a visible, fashionable look

Verified review: “This is sturdy and well made: The straps that go under the belly/into the armpits are soft and velvety. I like that this harness seems pretty inescapable and gives me control when my dog pulls and is reactive. You can clip in the front or back, and it’s easy to figure out which side is which because the straps are different colors.”

2 Hounds Freedom Harness

This color-coded, sturdy, no-pull harness features a clip in the front and back and is fully adjustable.

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If you and your pooch enjoy walking at night, you’ll appreciate the ultra-bright reflective stitching on this versatile harness from Rabbitgoo. With back and front leash attachments, plus a handy back handle for extra control in tight spaces, it gives you tons of options for walking your dog. Please note that this harness is recommended for medium-sized breeds.

We liked:

  • It’s easy to put on and comes in a range of sizes and colors
  • Adjustable, reflective straps that ensure safety during low-light walks
  • Breathable yet durable material designed to withstand weather all year round
  • Heavily padded for your dog’s comfort

Verified review: Our reviewer liked the quality, ease of use, and fit of this harness, though found its no-pull claims to be lackluster when she used it with her puller of a puggle. “Even though it has a chest hook in the front, it does not provide any control over your dog if you hook your leash there.” She found instead that the harness worked better with the D-ring on the back. (There is the option of using two leashes, one clipped to the front and one clipped to the back, for extra control).

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness

The ultra-bright reflective stitching on this no-pull harness makes it a great option for nighttime walks.

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This is an affordable, popular no-pull vest for smaller dogs. Rather than redirecting your pooch when they pull, it has padded sherpa “sleeves” that gently tighten and apply pressure, discouraging your dog from pulling. Don’t worry, it’s not uncomfortable! It simply curbs your dog’s urge to pull. Online reviewers rave about how adjustable the harness is, allowing for a custom fit.

Why we like it: 

  • Pull-on style means no clips or straps to mess with
  • Soft lining and mesh vest offer comfortable support
  • Sizes small and medium work for dogs from chihuahuas to cocker spaniels
Sporn non-pull harness

Sporn Non-Pull Mesh Harness

Ideal for smaller dogs, this no-pull harness has no complicated straps or clips to deal with. Instead, its padded sherpa “sleeves” gently tighten to discourage pulling.

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The Easy Walk is a front-hook harness that gently steers your dog back towards you when they pull, making it easier to enjoy a walk with no pulling. The chest strap rests across your dog’s chest, instead of putting pressure on their throat, and it buckles around their torso.

Why we like it:

  • Strong, adjustable straps help distribute pressure evenly
  • Differently-colored straps, top and bottom, help you align the harness correctly every time
  • Strong, soft nylon is secure and easy to clean

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The different colored straps on this adjustable no-pull harness make it a cinch to put on your dog quickly.

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The Softouch Sense-ation harness gently helps you teach your dog to walk at your side by redirecting them via the secure steel O-ring leash attachment in front. It’s fully adjustable.

Why we like it:

  • Instruction booklet is included to help you learn how to use the harness right away
  • Dogs reportedly get used to it quickly
  • Sturdy and durable, with nylon webbing and heavy-duty plastic buckle

Softouch Sense-ation No-Pull Harness

Made from sturdy nylon webbing, this no-pull harness is fully adjustable for a perfect fit.

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In addition to a D-ring leash attachment, this no-pull dog harness features a handle that gives you extra control over your pup when you need it. It comes in a range of sizes so you can be assured of the right fit.

Why we like it:

  • The padded chest distributes pressure so your dog enjoys greater comfort
  • Comes with a back handle that lets you get a firm grip on the dog when you want control in an unexpected situation

HDP Big Dog Soft No Pull Harness

This no-pull harness comes in a range of sizes and boasts a back handle as well as a padded chest area.

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Beyond the No-Pull Harness

A quality no-pull dog harness can make a big difference in your dog’s walk-time behavior, and overall training will help, too. Professional dog trainer Shoshi Parks recommends these 19 books for gaining valuable insight into why your dog does the things they do—on walks and at home.

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