Giant Lego Toy vs Dog Prank! Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie, and Penny Legos Pranks

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Watch a Giant Lego Toy Prank Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny, and Potpie! Cute Dogs Maymo and Potpie are sitting on the couch when they hear a knock at the door, and find that they have received a surprise package in the mail. They are excited to open the box and find a beagle lego set, and the two immediately get to work putting together the giant lego beagle. These legos take a while to put together, and when they’re finished, the lego dog toy comes to life, barking at them, and panting, and even giving them kisses! Cute dog Penny comes in to see what the racket is, and confronts the lego beagle herself, barking at him, but finally giving him a kiss. Just when the dogs think they’re finished with toys, a GIANT lego spaceman walks into the living room, surprising the three dogs! The Prank quickly turns into a surprise, as the lego man dances with the dogs and plays with them. The pranks start again when the lego man kicks over a tower that Potpie built, and the dogs jump on the giant and rip off his arms, knocking him over in the process. One of the most ridiculous Maymo prank videos you’ll see!

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