? Amazon Prime Find ? This “Dog Breath Freshener” Costs Pennies a Day and Makes a HUGE Difference


If you’re like 80% of dog owners who’ve tried brushing their dog’s teeth daily, but aren’t able to make the routine stick, this simple and low cost hack could make a large difference on your dog’s oral health.

Using a dental water additive for your pup is one of the easiest ways to freshen your dog’s stinky breath and also help your pup’s body fight off dangerous periodontal disease causing bacteria.

The Happy, Healthy™️ Dental Rinse ($14.99, available on Amazon Prime or in the iHeartDogs store) employs enzymes and targeted oral probiotics to combat the unhealthy bacteria that are swimming in your pup’s water bowl and making a home in his mouth. Say bye bye to your dog’s bad breath and crusty teeth!

$14.99, available on Amazon Prime or in the iHeartDogs store

$14.99, available on Amazon Prime or in the iHeartDogs store

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