Jennifer Aniston Left Stunned By Artist’s Portrait Of Her Schnauzer Mix


An artist in Ireland recently caught the eye and captured the heart of Friends star, Jennifer Aniston after painting a jaw-dropping picture of her dog. Michelle Wilson worked as a civil servant before having to undergo many surgeries for a degenerative condition in her spine. The pain would often leave her bedridden, which was when she began to paint.


Little did Wilson know that her portrait of Aniston’s Schnauzer mix, Clyde, would have the impact it did. Over the Christmas Break, Wilson saw a picture of Clyde on Aniston’s Instagram and fell in love with the photo. It pictures Clyde wearing a bowtie and looking mischievously up to the left. His shaggy face and fuzzy paws pull on anyone’s heartstrings.


36.3 Million Followers Fell In Love

Michelle decided to paint the picture of Clyde in her spare time over Christmas. It took her nearly 20 hours, but she captured every scraggly hair and his love-filled eyes with perfection! Wilson sent a picture of the painting to Aniston through Instagram and was shocked when she received more than a response!

Aniston shared the picture on her own Instagram story where her 36.3 million followers could see it along with the caption, “Clyde! He loves this!”


Wilson told Belfast Live, “On Wednesday I woke up to an email from her [and] that evening she shared it on Instagram. I am delighted.”

The email “was just thanking me, saying it really captures his essence and that she might want the other two dogs done as well,” she said.


The Banbridge artist (pictured above) could barely believe what she was reading! So much so that she actually reached out to Aniston’s management company to confirm that it was really her. They confirmed that it was, in fact, Aniston herself! Wilson was overcome with joy.

Up Next: Sophie And Lord Chesterfield

Since receiving the seal of approval from Aniston, Wilson has received many requests for commissioned pieces. Each masterpiece takes her anywhere from 20 to 100 hours to complete, but the results are remarkable. In addition to her portrait of Clyde, her other favorite is a painting of a tiger that captures the beauty and magnificence of its face.


Wilson explained that she doesn’t know what medium she will use for each painting until she begins to make them. She often uses pencil and paint, but she waits to get inspired by each piece.

Wilson plans to begin working on Aniston’s other two pups, Sophie, the white Pitbull, and her new rescue puppy, Lord Chesterfield.


h/t: @MichelleWilsonArt/Instagram
Featured Photo: @JenniferAniston/Instagram

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