Got A Picky Pooch? NutriSource Has Recipes For All Types Of Dogs

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Many of us want to do everything in our power to spoil our precious pooches. But if your dog is a picky eater, finding healthy and tasty meals can sometimes seem hopeless.

If you’ve figured out that there’s no medical reason your dog is avoiding their food, like underlying dental or digestion problems, and that they’re just being picky, then it may be time to try NutriSource!

NutriSource has a wide variety of mouthwatering recipes that can suit small dogs, big dogs, puppies, seniors, and every pooch in between! Here’s why you’re sure to find a NutriSource dog food your pup will love.

What Is NutriSource?

This family business that began in 1964 in Perham, Minnesota by making quality dog food has blossomed into a brand that can now be found internationally. You can most often find their pet food in independent pet stores and select online retailers.

Family-owned NutriSource uses only the highest quality ingredients to create a great taste with maximum nutritional value for your pup. Each batch goes through extensive quality testing; their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility received an A rating or higher from their regular BRC food safety audits for the last 10 years in a row!

NutriSource is so confident your pup is going to like the food that every bag is 100 percent guaranteed; they’ll give you a full refund if your dog doesn’t like it, so there’s no risk in trying it out. Now that’s something to get any tail wagging!

Why Is NutriSource Superior?

NutriSource offers a large variety of flavors and food combinations that pets love. All recipes use the healthiest ingredients possible. They don’t outsource any of the process; everything is made in house from meats to grinding of the grains, including top-grade meat with unhealthy fats discarded — but Omega-3s and other healthy fat nutrients retained — and low glycemic index grains, like brown rice or oats, versus fillers that most commercial dog foods use, like corn and wheat.

Without those fillers or empty calories, your dog gets more digestible calories per serving out of their food because they will have fewer wasteful byproducts.

Besides tasty ingredients, NutriSource specializes in gut health and digestion, ensuring your pup will be getting more of the nutrients they need, with their patented “Good 4 Life” blend of four key nutritional elements:

  • 1. Organic selenium supplement, supporting metabolic processes, brain function, immunity support, and longevity
  • 2. A blend of five essential vitamins to support healthy skin and coat and immunity
  • 3. Prebiotics, promoting gut health and defense against pathogens
  • 4. Probiotics, featuring a blend of five live, active cultures to aid digestion

What’s On The Menu?

With so many varieties, even the pickiest dog could find a favorite — or many new favorites!

You can decide if you want your dog’s food to be wet or dry, and grain-inclusive or grain-free. Two of NutriSource’s three product lines offer both, in many flavors — while the third offers just dry, grain-inclusive dog food, but in three different flavors. They also offer treats, because who doesn’t love those?

Here are some highlights from each:


  • Standard dry recipe for different ages and sizes of dogs
  • Recipes targeted for weight management, performance, or seniors
  • Chicken, trout, beef, lamb, or turkey potato free formulas, blended with brown rice, oatmeal, and barley — also legume and potato free — for grain-inclusive, or blended with peas for grain-free
  • Chicken, lamb, and fish wet canned food
  • Chicken or lamb with rice wet canned food
  • High Plains dry food that’s chicken, potato, and pea free.

LIMITED INGREDIENT DIETS (PureVita) packed with superfoods: blueberries, cranberries, chia seeds, turmeric, and garlic

  • Salmon and peas dry food
  • Turkey and sweet potato dry food
  • Kangaroo and green lentils dry food
  • Venison and red lentils dry food
  • Salmon and potato dry food
  • Beef and red lentils dry food
  • 96 percent meat canned wet food (beef, pork, chicken, salmon, or turkey)

Choice (all grain-inclusive, dry food):

  • Chicken and barley
  • Turkey and barley
  • Whitefish and rice

If your dog is reading this article with you, they may be starting their mental Christmas list early!

A Gift For More Than Just Your Dog

Besides keeping production local, thus creating jobs in Perham, and partnering with small businesses to sell their products and boost the community, NutriSource supports and partners with several different nonprofit organizations that benefit both dogs and humans.

The NutriSource Facility Dog Program at M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital is just one example. They sponsored the training and support of a Golden Retriever who lives full-time at the facility and comforts children and their families during difficult or stressful times.

Additionally, when you purchase a NutriSource product, a portion of proceeds goes to Pinky Swear Foundation, who offers financial support to families battling pediatric cancer.

NutriSource also subsidizes pet rescues, shelters, and humane organizations across the country.

“What good are we if we aren’t trying to make a difference?” asks NutriSource President, Charlie Nelson.

Buy NutriSource, And Your Dog Will Thank You

So there you have it! You can feel good for many reasons when you buy from NutriSource.

First and foremost, your dog has a delicious menu to choose from, where even the pickiest eaters could find a flavor combo they love. Each item contains essential nutrients and high-quality ingredients, boosting health and longevity, so your pet can enjoy both the taste and the health benefits.

With a money-back guarantee, there is no risk in trying it out, and with their patented Good 4 Life system packed with pre and probiotics, you don’t have to worry about upset stomach or runny stools

Not only will your dog benefit from NutriSource dog food, but so will countless other children and dogs who are helped by the generous donations NutriSource is able to make because of your purchase.

Get NutriSource for your dog here!

What’s on the horizon for NutriSource? A new high animal protein line hitting the shelves in April 2021. NutriSource Element Series brings together the best elements of nature’s intention with cutting-edge nutritional concepts. It’s all part of their ongoing mission to provide your pet with unsurpassed gut health and support whole-body health.

Has your dog ever tried NutriSource dog food? Which recipe do they love the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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