21 Adorable Dogs Who Are Bursting With Excitement


Dogs can’t tell us they’re excited, so instead, they have to show us. And a dog’s gestures of excitement are grand, silly, and adorable. Whether it’s running, bouncing, or letting their tongue hang out, it’s easy to tell when a dog is bursting with excitement.

A dog’s happiness might seem overdramatic, but that’s okay! It’s good that most dogs are so positive and upbeat all the time. So, let’s take a moment and appreciate all the excited dogs in this world. Here are 21 pups who just can’t contain their excitement, and you’re sure to adore all of them.

#1 – This is the face he makes when he hears someone call his name.

Dog hears his name
Image: @altothegreat/Instagram

#2 – She always gets this excited while she’s at doggy daycare.

Dog at daycare
Image: @nananana1/Imgur

#3 – Release him! He looks like he’s ready to run.

Excited Australian Shepherd
Image: @haskelltheaussie/Instagram

#4 –  Can you tell what this dog’s favorite toy is?

Dog new toy
Image: @Alisana/Imgur

#5 – Here’s the most excited birthday boy in the world!

Excited birthday boy
Image: @Kastey/Imgur

#6 – The morning dew perfectly captured this excited pup’s run.

Morning dew run
Image: Imgur

#7 – This pup wishes it could be Christmas every day of the year!

Happy Christmas dog
Image: @bella.the_bear/Instagram

#8 – He met his hero!

Dog meets Pluto
Image: Imgur

#9 – This dog is more excited about a hammock than most humans would be.

Dog in hammock
Image: ridiculiz/Imgur

#10 – He has the zoomies! Don’t stand in his way.

Portuguese Water Dog Zoomies
Image: @odin_pwd/Instagram

#11 – It looks like someone’s ready to go on a hike!

Dog excited for hike
Image: @greggoomishian/Imgur

#12 – He’s so excited that it’s fall!

Dog excited for fall
Image: @lifewitelunamae/Instagram

#13 – This man rescued her from a city shelter. This was her excited face the whole ride home!

Dog rescued from shelter
Image: Benjamin Yanto Facebook

#14 – This happy dog loves his grandma! His face says it all.

Dog loves grandma
Image: Seth Bugden Facebook

#15 – He looks like he just told you his favorite joke.

Smiling Jack Russell Terrier
Image: @watson_the_jrt/Instagram

#16 – Like most puppies, this little guy is excited about everything… constantly.

Overly excited puppy
Image: @pomskythesnacks/Instagram

#17 – Just another happy pup on his adoption day. He knows life’s about to be great!

Dog Happy Adoption Day
Image: Imgur

#18 – This Husky is excited about what he sees, and no one is going to slow him down.

Husky mid zoomies
Image: @BigBoosting/Imgur

#19 – Now this is what a taste of freedom looks like!

Golden Retriever running
Image: @BillKoran/Imgur

#20 – The look of pure joy when your favorite toy dangles only inches above you.

Dog waiting for toy
Image: @mochiwigglebutt_/Instagram

#21 – This rescue Pit Bull is ecstatic after finally getting the birthday he deserves.

Rescue Pit Bull's party
Image: @boris_the_pibble/Instagram

When dogs are happy, it usually makes us happy too! Hopefully, these silly dogs helped brighten your day. Now, when you go home, why not find ways to make your own dogs excited? After all, dogs deserve all the love and joy in the world!

H/T: cuteness.com
Featured Image: @BigBoosting/Imgur

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