5 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In The Snow [VIDEOS]

Girl (15-18 months) pulling Doberman on sledge in winter landscape

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If you have a dog who absolutely lives for the snow, you may be looking for ways to have fun with them outside during the winter season.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy the winter weather, but if there’s snow on the ground, it can be a chance for you and your dog to get creative with play time. Of course, you should make sure your pup is warm enough and safe when playing in the cold, but once you have all your winter gear ready to go, get outside and have a blast.

Here are five fun things to do with your dog in the snow.

1. Snowball Toss

There’s nothing like a snowball fight with some good packing snow, and while you may not be interested in pelting your dog, you can always enjoy a game of catch.

Your dog might love to snatch snowballs out of the air and get a refreshing, cold blast of ice in their mouth. Or you can try a game of snowball fetch and watch as your dog wonders where the ball went when it just disappears in the snow on the ground.

Just make sure you have a real ball to throw, too, so they have something to find once in a while.

2. Make A Maze

Some dog parents go the extra mile and dig mazes out of the snow in their backyards for their pups to run around. I’ve even seen a few with bridges and tunnels.

Not only is this fun physical exercise, it’s also a brain-busting mental workout for your dog, too. This will really help a cooped-up pup release some energy and relieve boredom.

3. Tear Down A Snowman

Dogs may not be the best at building snowmen, but they can sure tear them down well.

Let your dog go nuts and attack your creation. You can also take those sticks you used for arms and play fetch, or you can use that carrot nose as a yummy, frozen treat.

Or you can just sit back and enjoy the destruction.

4. Go Sledding

If you have a nice, slow hill nearby that isn’t too steep, then your dog might like to go sledding with you.

Some dog parents put their pups on their laps to sled down hills, but some dogs like to slide on their own. I’ve seen dogs use their own sleds, slide down hills on their bellies, or just chase their humans as they whiz past.

There are tons of ways for dogs to enjoy sledding — just make sure you’re watching them and keeping them safe.

5. Make Snow Angels

Anyone can make a snow angel. You just lie down in the snow and move around.

Try doing this with your dog and see if they join you. It will be a fun way for your dog to cool off and release some energy, and that’s important in the cold months when you don’t want to go for walks as much.

What other fun activities do you do with your dog in the snow? Does your pup love getting outside in winter? Then let us know in the comments below!

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