Dogs Pranked by Alien with Superpowers: Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie & Penny vs Alien Pranks

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Watch this Dog Pranked by Alien video with Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie, and Penny! The cute beagle dogs are enjoying themselves on the sofa when they are approached by a green alien with a huge head and also supernatural powers. The alien pranks the two dogs with his superpowers, first by turning them into stuffed animals, then by turning cute dog Maymo into a unicorn. The alien then steals Maymo’s food bowl with his galactic powers, and tries to eat the dog food but is unimpressed and spits it out. The dogs become friends with the alien and soon watch dog prank videos with the little green martian from outer space. The alien doesn’t like what the dogs are watching, and so steals the remote with his alien magic and turns the funny video to another alien prank video, his favorite to watch!

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Maymo & Friends: https://youtube.complaylist?list=PLA2SA_Le8jNYFFR3LZ4GLHukZsnUxConk&playnext=1
Maymo The Chef:
Maymo vs. Giants:
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“Warmest Regards” by Experia
“Release the Pets’” by Stationary Sign
“Our Friend Santa” by The Snowy Hill Singers
“Panama Hat” by Audionautix

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