30 Of The Cutest Christmas Puppies On Earth [PICTURES]

A young kid has their new puppy in their lap and is giving the dog a kiss. There are wrapped presents beside them. There is a Christmas tree in the background.

(Picture Credit: FatCamera/Getty Images)

Do you love Christmas and puppies? I mean, who doesn’t? Cuteness and the cheer of the holiday season go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows! Those little fuzzballs are so cute, and we definitely want to snuggle them in these cold winter months!

Puppies are great, but remember that they’re not toys. Don’t gift a puppy for Christmas unless the person you’re giving them to will be ready for the responsibility that comes with a decade or two of dog parenting. If they’re not ready, give them the gift of pictures of cute Christmas puppies, instead!

Sit back, relax and get in the holiday spirit with the cutest Christmas puppies you’re going to see this season!

1. Oh, Christmas Tree Pup

2. Couldn’t Stay Up For Santa

Close-Up Of Sleeping Puppy

(Picture Credit: Thi Harper / EyeEm/Getty Images)

3. Do I Get A Present?

4. Too Much Merriment

Horizontal image of a labrador puppy wearing a small hat and sleeping near Christmass tree and a snowman decoration

(Picture Credit: Getty Images/Stefan Cristian Cioata)

5. I Took These Lights Down For You

6. It’s Just What I Wanted!

German Shepherd Puppy with Christmas decorations

(Picture Credit: SashaFoxWalters/Getty Images)

7. When Can I Open Gifts?

8. Dressed In My Christmas Best

Puppy wearing a Santa hat at Christmas

(Picture Credit: cuppyuppycake/Getty Images)

9. Am I On The ‘Nice’ List?

10. Do I Eat This?

Puppys first christmas where even the family pet gets a cracker to pull he is a ruby king charles cavalier and he is dressed in a santa dog suit on christmas day.

(Picture Credit: BlackCatPhotos/Getty Images)

11. I’ll Guide The Sleigh!

12. Let’s Sing Some Carols!

8 weeks old smooth hair brown dachshund puppy in the hands of its female owner, blurred lights of the Christmas tree on the background.

(Picture Credit: Alena Kravchenko/Getty Images)

13. The Cutest Reindeer Of All

14. Ready For A Christmas Snooze

Puppy English Bulldog on a background of a New Year decoration

(Picture Credit: Lakshmi3/Getty Images)

15. I’m The Best Gift

16. I Think I Love Christmas

Cute Dog Jack Russell Terrier holiday, Christmas and New Year

(Picture Credit: Anna-av/Getty Images)

17. Need Help Decorating?

18. Can’t Wait To Open Presents

Christmas puppy-pit bull puppy.

(Picture Credit: HadelProductions/Getty Images)

19. First Christmas!

20. I’m The Stocking Stuffer!

Photograph of an English Toy Spaniel puppy hanging from a Christmas stocking. Pretty lights from the decorated Christmas tree fill the background.

(Picture Credit: JZHunt/Getty Images)

21. Can I Get A Christmas Boop?

22. Let’s Get This Sleigh Going!

funny welsh corgi pembroke puppy with New Year sled with gifts on Christmas

(Picture Credit: infinityyy/Getty Images)

23. Sleepy Christmas

24. I Got Some New Toys, Right?

Cute puppy of mountain dog sitting near christmas tree

(Picture Credit: artyme83/Getty Images)

25. Do You Like My Bandanna?

26. Christmas Chocolate

A young cute adorable 8 week old Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy sitting among the Christmas decorations on the floor, looking at the camera, with multi-colored lights on a Christmas tree in the background at night indoors. "Bailey"

(Picture Credit: cmannphoto/Getty Images)

27. I’ll Sing For You Now

28. So I’m Not Supposed To Pee On This Tree?

Seven week old chihuahua puppy on coffee table with small Christmas tree

(Picture Credit: Susan Gary/Getty Images)

29. Another One Makes The ‘Nice’ List

30. It’s Your Shift To Watch For Santa

New pet for Christmas

(Picture Credit: Vesnaandjic/Getty Images)

If you have a Christmas puppy photo, please post in the comments below! We would love to see your adorable pup all decked out for the holidays!

Are you celebrating the holiday with a puppy you love? Is your furry friend excited for Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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