Adorable Rescue Dogs Deliver Valentine’s Day Flowers


For many couples, it’s a tradition to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. But now there’s a way to make romantic bouquets even better! Flower shop, She Loves Me in Washington DC, did something special this year. If customers donated money to an animal shelter, their Valentine’s Day flowers would be delivered by an adorable rescue dog.

In no time, this event became a hit. The shop raised over $1,000 for rescue dogs, and five special shelter dogs got to enjoy a fun day of delivering flowers. It was so successful that it might become a recurring event. After all, what holiday is complete without rescue dogs?

She Loves Me Flower Shop Dogs
Image: @shelovesmedc/Instagram

Puppy Love

Holley Simmons, the owner of She Loves Me, launched the “Puppy Love” promotion in honor of Valentine’s Day. Those buying flowers for the holiday had the option to donate $35 to an animal rescue. If they did so, a rescue dog would deliver their flowers.

Of course, each rescue dog was accompanied by a human, who helped deliver the flowers safely. But the customers still got to play with the rescue dogs, and each pup wore an adorable flower collar. All the pups looked stylish and happy for the event.

Dachshund Delivering Flowers
Image: @shelovesmedc/Instagram

There were five participating dogs: a long-haired Dachshund, a miniature Doodle, a Lab mix, and two Chow Chows. They’re all adoptable dogs from We the Dogs DC and Lucky Dogs Animal Rescue. Those who purchased flowers received a bouquet of roses, yarrow, scabiosa, and carnations.

Flowers Help Dogs

In the end, this promotion was a huge success! Not only were the rescue pups thrilled to be included, but they helped raise a lot of money for more dogs in need. More than just the $35 was donated amid this promotion. And after only an hour of announcing the event, all 20 spots were filled.

“Their delivery fee also counts as a donation, so it averages about $50 per person that’s going directly to the organizations,” Simmons said. “We were able to raise $1,000 in a couple of hours, so I’m pretty excited about that.”

Rescue Dog Flower Delivery
Image: @shelovesmedc/Instagram

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Simmons was so impressed by the amount of support this promotion received. She helped donate lots of money to a good cause while raising awareness about rescue dogs too.

She also hopes to continue this promotion in the future. Not just for Valentine’s Day, but maybe for other holidays like Mother’s Day too. So, it looks like this is just the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

Chow Chow Delivering Flowers
Image: @shelovesmedc/Instagram

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Featured Image: @shelovesmedc/Instagram

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