Rescue Dog Couple Ties The Knot To Support Heartworm Survivors


Rescue dogs Sassy and Spero live together with a loving family. Both are heartworm survivors, which means they had to go through a long, pricey treatment to get where they are today. Luckily, the two pups are now happier than ever. When Sassy was adopted with heartworm, Spero was there to comfort her every step of the way. Some might say the bond they share is an example of true love.

Now, Sassy and Spero want to help other dogs suffering from heartworm disease. The canine couple decided to get married to help cover treatment funds for fellow shelter dogs.

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Rescue Dogs vs. Heartworms

Heartworm disease is very common in shelter dogs. On top of being a dangerous lung disease, it also puts up a barrier between rescue dogs and adopters. Heartworm treatment typically costs between $500 and $1,000, which is significantly more expensive than the monthly preventatives.

During the week of Sassy and Spero’s wedding, adoption fees at Greenville County Animal Care were waived to help encourage adoption. But the most important impact these dogs made was with their fundraising. The adorable dog wedding is raising money for the “Have a Heart” fund, which will help cover the costs of heartworm treatments at the shelter.

Spero and Sassy Wedding
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“Sassy and Spero fell head over tails in love and are tying the knot today. But life has not always been easy for this happy couple,” the shelter wrote. “At one time, both were in a shelter and suffered from heartworm disease. Now they want to help the more than 30% of HW positive dogs that enter Animal Care, by requesting donations in lieu of gifts to the Animal Care medical fund. Heartworm can be a barrier to adoption and that makes Sassy and Spero sad.”

A Dog Wedding!

On February 11th, 2021, Sassy and Spero officially tied the knot! As you can imagine, their wedding was even more adorable than expected. South Carolina event planning organizations, including Wedding Festivals and the Upstate Bridal Association, helped this celebration come to life.

Rescue Dog Wedding
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Both Sassy and Spero were dressed for the occasion. They stood before their friends and family as they exchanged vows and declared their love for each other. Then, they were offered a delicious pet-friendly cake, which they were hesitant to eat at first. But they sure seem like a happy couple!

This wedding was a great way to make people smile while also helping more dogs in need. Sassy and Spero might not realize it, but they are setting lots of rescue dogs up for success too. If this adorable couple can conquer heartworm disease together, then so can every other furry friend. Hopefully, with the heartworm treatments covered, more dogs will find forever homes soon!

You Can Watch the Adorable Wedding Here:

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