Separation Anxiety: When You’ve Got It Bad


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While not gravitating to the level of destruction, persistent barking, howling or indoor accidents. I feel stressed when my dog is alone. There are others out there feeling this way as well, I know it. Safety in numbers, pack mentality, groups of like-minded pet guardians. Right? A little bit of Googling and some investigative research tells me when the human’s away, their mind’s on Fido during the day.

Case in point:

Want to peek in on your canine pal(s) while working? Ever think, “I wonder what Fluffy’s doing right now?” Wireless Puppy Spy Cam to the rescue. Hide Puppy Cam in a corner or room where your furry BFF spends his time.

Can’t bear to leave Fido alone and video just won’t do the trick? Doggy daycare centers and pet walkers have cropped up, probably in or near a city nearby. Dogs have an innate need to run, jump, chew, climb, bark, dig, and explore. As pack animals, they thrive with their humans. Without the luxury of being able to take our dogs to work, dog daycare is a viable option for thousands of canine guardians.

Budget-wise, maybe a spy cam or daycare aren’t an option. Walked the aisles of a local pet supply store lately? Perhaps a boutique or pet super store? DVDs with the canine variety in mind line store shelves. Cats, other dogs, squirrels, mice, and accompanying sounds delight the senses of our best friends while we work. After one screening, my favorite Fido took off like a bullet around the room and then behind the t.v. set in an attempt to seize intruding varmints. Be selective about purchasing if you think your dog might just be driven a bit zany by mocking t.v. intruders.

Alas, a broad range of folks share heart and home with multiple pooches. I’ve met many multiple dog owners…two dogs, five dogs, fourteen dogs. “What’s one more?” you report. Multiple spy cams anyone?

Realizing that kennels, crates, closed bedroom doors, and allocation to a certain part of the residence are all viable options, we all feel different levels of angst when Fido cannot go with us. With the advent of the ‘care for your dog while you’re away’ industry booming, I take comfort in knowing others commiserate with my anxiety.


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