Can Dogs Eat Tofu? Is Tofu Safe For Dogs?

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Can dogs eat tofu? You might have this thought if your dog begs while you’re adding some tofu to a stir fry or curry in the kitchen. If humans can eat tofu, can dogs safely eat it too?

There is no short yes or no answer as to whether dogs can eat tofu. Technically, it’s not toxic to dogs, but there are issues with the amount of protein the popular soy-based meat substitute provides. There might also be a couple of side effects that your dog might experience after eating it.

As always, you must ask your regular vet before sharing any human food with your beloved canine. Here’s what you need to know about tofu and dogs.

When Is Tofu Okay For Dogs To Eat?

Tofu is not toxic to dogs, so technically you could feed some to your beloved canine. If you find that your dog shows an interest in snacking on some tofu you’ve been cooking with, you’ll need to follow a few safety steps.

First, make sure that you haven’t cooked it in any extra spices or sauces that may contain additional ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Secondly, feed it to your dog in moderation. This is a good rule to apply to any human foods that you’re giving to a dog, especially because you might find your canine shunning their nutritionally-balanced dog food in favor of whatever human foods they’ve been sneaking in. This can lead to dietary issues in the future.

When Is Tofu Bad For Dogs?

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The main issue with feeding tofu to dogs is that the soy-based foodstuff is not considered to be a complete protein. This means that it will not provide the sufficient amount of protein that your dog needs as the mainstay of their diet.

Additionally, feeding tofu to your dog might result in side effects including gas and bloat.

Some of the most common symptoms of a dog suffering from bloat include:

  • Vomiting
  • A bloated abdomen
  • Drooling
  • Finding it hard to breathe

Finally, tofu is made of soy and some dogs might have an allergy to soy.

So if you notice that your dog has scarfed down some tofu, you don’t need to worry too much. Just look out for any signs of side effects and monitor the situation. Then make sure that you only feed tofu to your dog as an occasional snack, rather than making it a cornerstone of their daily diet.

Has your dog ever had a taste of tofu? Did they like it? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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