20 Naughty Dogs You Just Can’t Stay Mad At


Whether they’re tearing up our belongings or stealing things from neighbors’ yards, our dogs love to misbehave. Still, looking at their adorable guilty faces, we just can’t stay mad at them. Since I’m sure many of you can relate, here’s a collection of photos featuring naughty dogs and their extremely forgivable mugs.

As it turns out, most “naughty” dog behavior is really just too funny and cute to earn them punishment. That’s certainly true for these 20 dogs:

1. This Dog Who Learned That Bees Are Not Food


This is what’s bound to happen when you chew first, ask questions later. Sometimes you just have to learn through experience!

2. One Oblivious Dog Meeting Wet Cement


How would the pup know the difference between wet mud and wet cement? These are the moments leashes are made for.

3. This Cutie Who Hopes You Weren’t Planning To Keep The Box


You want to be mad but looking at that clueless grin, you just can’t be. Apparently a box works just fine in lieu of a toy.

4. This “Helpful” Pal Who Opened The Door For You


Someone needs to be taught what a handle is and how it works. He probably just wanted some fresh air!

5. This Well-Meaning Dog Who Thinks He’s A Hat


Naughty or just thoughtful? Can’t stay mad either way.

6. Who Could Stay Mad At This Budding Kool-Aid Man?


The screen door was no match for this naughty boy. He may have been misbehaving, or he may have been preparing for a commercial audition.

7. This Playful Boy Who Destroyed A Beloved Childhood Toy


Now you can’t fault a cutie like this for not knowing which toys are for chewing. Best not offer the sentimental items up.

8. This Pup Doesn’t Know What’s Off Limits


Someone was a little naughty according to his sign of shame. Obviously we’re ready to laugh about it now that he’s okay.

9. One Very Naughty Sous Chef


This dog had some thoughts about his person making a pie. Those thoughts were: I’m gonna have some.

10. A Tiny Little Thief Who Stole The Neighbor’s Cat’s Toy


The caption outs this tiny criminal who stole from his feline neighbor. Cats can’t have all the wand-related fun, now can they?

11. His Owner Left Him Alone Outside “For 2 Minutes”


How is this much dirt even possible? This dog probably aimed to set a record.

12. Someone Thinks Butter Is A Food Group


Sometimes a dog misbehaving is really just ignorance. How could something that tastes so good be bad?

13. This Dog Wants To Make Sure His Person Never Leaves


You can’t stay mad at a dog who loves you this much! He doesn’t want you to go anywhere requiring a passport.

14. The Dog Fighting Capitalism


Money means absolutely nothing to this dog, except a as fun chewing activity. Can we blame him for being so critical of materialism?

15. A Dog Who Got Curious About The House Plant


Where the pot ended up, we’ll never know. The guilty dog looks just too cute to yell at.

16. Two Grateful, Totally Innocent Doggos


These two totally innocent dogs just want to solve the mystery as much as you do.

17. An Explorer Venturing Into The Trash


If it’s “naughty” to dog through a bin of treasures, this dog doesn’t want to be good.

18. This Naughty Boy Already Took What He Needed From The Garbage


The rest is yours if you want any of it. You just have to pick it all up.

19. This Dog Who Doesn’t Understand Supply & Demand


Coronavirus what? He just wanted a chew toy.

20. This Naughty Pup Oblivious To Electricity


Whoops, this pup had no idea there were wires underneath that perfectly good chewing rope!

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With sweet faces like these, it’s no wonder staying mad at misbehaving dogs is nearly impossible. To be fair to them, our reinforcement in the form of laughter is probably what encourages them to keep on misbehaving.

If you have any funny photos of your naughty pup, let us know! We can never share too many of these pics.

Featured Image: Reddit

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